Day 6 (Functional Bodybuilding)

A) Warm-up / Activation

A1. Warm-up

3 rounds of

5 burpees

10 air squats

15 calories, cardio machine

B) Conditioning

B1. Every minute on the minute for 20

1st: 400/350m bike

2nd: 20 push-ups

3rd: 70 double unders

4th: 20m sled push

Rest 5 minutes

B2. Every minute on the minute for 12

1st: 12 dumbbell bench press

2nd: 12 Hang power clean

3rd: 60 double under

C) Accessories
For quality
2 sets
30” minute plank
30” handstand hold
30” wall sit
30” hollow hold

Then split as you like,

50 Ring Rows
50 Dips
50 Bench Press
50 Barbell Rows
50 Barbell Strict Press
50 Barbell Triceps Floor Press
50 Hip thrusts
50 goblet squats

Buy out.

100m Farmers’ walk.

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