Day 2 (Strength + Conditioning + Accessories)

A) Warm-up / Activation


2 rounds of

10 lateral banded walks (per side)

5 banded single leg glute bridges

10″ Banded glute bridge hold

10 Down dog toe taps

A2. Specific prep

2 rounds of

10 banded front squats

10” isometric at bottom of the squat

10 T-spine rotations @ bottom of the squat

6 90/90 Hip rotations per side

B) Strength

Every 1.30” for 6 sets


Front Squats

C) Conditioning

Every 3 minutes for 6 sets

Alternate between

Part A

12/9 Calories bike,

12 box jumps

20m lunges

At 9:00 rest 2 minutes

Part B

12/9 Calories assault bike,

12 overhead squats / front squats

20 GHD sit ups

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