Low Calorie Margherita Pizza

September 24, 2022

This Margherita pizza is sure to change your nutrition game forever —having an impressive 72 calories per pizza slice!

Margherita pizza

Whether you are a fan of pizza or not, after trying this recipe I am sure you will be. Besides being the easiest pizza recipe, it takes only 25 minutes to make! Making your own pizza is going to become your new favourite breakfast or dinner recipe – healthy, high protein and so easy to make! Not only this pizza is very low on calories, but also requires no yeast.

Here’s all you need to make this easy pizza recipe without yeast.

• All-Purpose Flour

• Coconut Flour

• Baking Powder

• Oregano, Sea Salt, Basil

• Garlic Powder

• Plain 0% Greek Yogurt

• Egg Whites

Additionally, if you are missing some ingredients, check the substitutes section below. However, I suggest using these ingredients to make it as healthy as possible.

Margherita Pizza


Are you missing something? Before disappointed,  keep on reading and you are going to learn how to replace all recipe ingredients. Also, this recipe can be easily made vegan.

  • All-purpose flour: replace with spelt flour or wholewheat flour. This recipe does not work well with oat flour or almond flour.
  • Coconut flour: use more of any of the flour mentioned above, just use double the quantity of coconut flour, but calories and macros will vary. Coconut flour requires almost half the quantity compared to regular flour, thus prefer to use it for this erecipe.
  • Greek yoghurt: replace with Skyr or quark. Also dairy-free, as long as it has a thick and firm texture (no runny yoghurt here!).
  • Egg whites: use more Greek yoghurt instead. If not restricted to calories, you can use whole eggs as long as you use the same weight. Also for a vegan option, replace egg whites with one flax egg.
  • Baking powder: skip if you don’t have it. The crust will come out anyway, but it will stay pretty flat. In addition, you can replace it with baking soda, since the recipe has yoghurt in it will work well.
Low-Calorie Margherita Pizza