Healthy Big Mac Burger

November 19, 2022

A lightened-up version of the fast food favourite, the ultimate burger: The Big Mac. Two lean seasoned beef patties topped with cheese and big mac sauce, this burger will healthily satisfy your fast food craving without compromising the flavour.

Healthy Big Mac Burger

I love burgers. The burgers I used to cook for my "cheat meals" were full of unhealthy ingredients, but this recipe is healthy and delicious!

This is one of my favourite recipes and I cook it weekly.

The recipe can be made in bulk and frozen for later so you can have a quick and healthy meal ready at a moment’s notice.

The recipe is simple. First, get your hands on some good quality meat: 5-8% fat grass-fed beef. Then prepare your burgers by slicing them into patties and seasoning them with garlic powder, oregano salt and pepper. Add chopped onions and a slice of bread cut into small pieces and you are ready to go.

Healthy Big Mac


What you'll need to make these healthy big mac burgers:

  • Extra-lean beef mince: If you can’t find extra lean ground beef, you can substitute any other ground beef, but the stats will change
  • Sesame Burger buns: mine were about 65g each, at 170 calories. 
  • Light cheddar cheese: if you can't find light cheddar cheese, you can substitute it with a different light cheese.
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Burger sauce: if you don't have the ingredients of the sauce I made, you can substitute with a low-calorie store-bought sauce.