Training plan


If you’re a parent, workout from home, have limited time, limited equipment, or travel a lot, then this tailor-made program is for you. Each workout will take about 60 minutes, designed with the equipment of your preference.


We understand everybody is different. Hence goals, likes, dislikes, fitness level, body mechanics, and even the time you have, vary from people to people. That’s why we created our customized training program. You don’t have to be a pro to have your own coach – we love working with a diverse range of clients all around the world who want to invest in their health and wellbeing and love their training. Thus we designed this program to remove all these barriers and support you to become a healthier and fitter person. Stay active, healthy and above all, create the fit body you always wanted! All you need is 40 – 60 minutes of your time, five days a week. 

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